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DigInfo:http://movie.diginfo.tv - 这是怎么回事声音时的解决方案是在每秒270次出院。由武藏工程销售自去年年底以来,喷气硕士2是一种非接触式超高速喷射点胶机,在速度和胶量优于其前身。喷气硕士1提供每秒40次的配药速度,但新的涂层梅斯特达到270倍,每二,近7倍的速度的前身。喷气硕士2还高出1,喷气硕士喷涌而出低至每秒0.01毫克,1 / 20的前身量。武藏工程增添了新机的连续涂层模式,允许它的外衣行。此功能也取得了表面涂层成为可能。在最低配置中,喷气硕士2为126万日元,超过$ 10,000在日本,。公司产品全球市场。

DigInfo: http://movie.diginfo.tv - This is how it sounds when a solution is discharged at 270 times per second. Marketed by Musashi Engineering since late last year, the Jet Master 2 is a non-contact ultra-high-speed jet dispenser that outperforms its predecessor in speed and dispensing volume. The Jet Master 1 delivers a dispensing speed of 40 times per second, but the new coating meister achieves 270 times per second, nearly seven times the speed of the predecessor. The Jet Master 2 also outdoes the Jet Master 1, spewing out as little as 0.01 milligram per second, 1/20 the volume of the predecessor. Musashi Engineering added a continuous coating mode to the new machine, allowing it to coat in line. This function has also made surface coating possible. In minimum configuration, the Jet Master 2 is available for 1.26 million yen, a little more than $10,000, in Japan. The company markets the product worldwide.


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